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Centurion Dental Wellness

For us here at Centurion Dental Wellness it is about more than just dentistry, it is about Dental Wellness. Here we strive to provide affordable, quality dental care with a smile. We like to treat a broad spectrum of patients from children to students, from young professionals to successful business people, from families to senior citizens

We are situated in Highveld in the heart of Centurion, at the Highveld Medical Centre. The practice is close to schools, business parks, residential areas and shopping centres. The Highveld Medical centre is easily accessible, secure and neat with loads of dedicated parking. We serve the communities of South Downs, Centurion Country Club, Midstream, Highveld, Irene, Cornwall Hill, Zwartkop, Rooihuiskraal, Wierdapark, Eldoraigne, Clubview and beyond.It is a beautiful, modern and vibrant practice with friendly and competent staff. We strive to keep up with technology and use good quality, modern materials.

Meet the Team

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At Centurion Dental Wellness we like to do all types of dentistry and offer a wide range of services.

Services We Offer


Pain relief and Root canal treatment. Root canals are done when bacteria enters the nerve tissue of a tooth, either through a cavity, fracture or damage to the tooth structure.


Six monthly check-ups. These examinations are extremely important; if they are done 6 monthly most dental problems can be prevented or eliminated while they are still small because of early detection.


Removal of teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes teeth must be removed, either because of severe pain and irreparable damage on the teeth or sometimes because of space requirements and orthodontics.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorations and fillings. We use tooth coloured filling materials to restore fractured and carious teeth, to make them function and look like new.


Crowns, Implant crowns and Bridges. Crowns are porcelain, zirconium and ceramic replacement ‘caps’ that are used to repair severely damaged or weak teeth. Bridges and Implant crowns are used to replace previously lost teeth.


Basic orthodontic treatments. This includes early detection of possible space and jaw relationship problems. We can manipulate tooth position and jaw relationship with fixed or removable prosthesis to get a desired result.

Cosmetic & Aesthetics

Tooth whitening, veneers, crowns and tooth coloured (white) fillings. One of the big advantages of modern day life is that we can increase looks and more importantly, self-confidence through dental influence.

Impactions & Surgical Extractions

Removal of wisdom teeth and impacted root rests. Mostly because of space shortage in the jaw, wisdom or other teeth can sometimes become ‘stuck’ or impacted in the jaw. This causes severe pain and infection of the bone and gum surrounding this area. These teeth need to be surgically removed, mostly in theatre or under sedation.

Oral Hygiene & Preventative Dentistry

Scale, polish, cleaning, sealing and fluoride treatment. Six monthly cleaning of teeth is very important to keep teeth and gums healthy by removing bacteria and calculus before they cause gum disease, recession and even bone loss.

Theatre & Sedations

For the kids or nervous patients.

Digital Imagery

Intra and extra oral, including Panorex x-rays. We offer state of the art digital x-rays which are lower in radiation than the old traditional x-rays. Great quality to increase detection and diagnosis.


Children’s dentistry. These little guys need extra attention and special treatment, we all know how scary a dental visit can be, and we try to make it as fun and comfortable as possible.

Minor Oral Surgery

Gum contouring, crown lengthening, biopsies etc.

Lab Prosthesis

Dentures, Bite plates, Mouth guards etc.


We refer to only the best specialists in our area.

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